Indominus rex vs spinosaurus

He has massive jaws made for killing large prey, like the t-rex. Can the I-Rex beat both of them at the same time? Let me play devils advocate here.

Spinosaurus Spinosaurus is one of, if not the, Largest carnivorous . Arguably more powerful as well. Spino had an easier time with T-rex than I. These Two Clawed Dinos Killed this .

Velociraptor – The Velociraptor was the genius of the dinosaur world. What will happen if these two titans will encounter each other in the wilds of Isla Sorna. Indominus Rex, it means the un-tamable king. The strongest and the most powerful of all dinosaurs. I mean JW is basically T-Rex vs.

This content is intended for mature audiences. Der Spino in JPwurde ja extrem als . I hope it will happen T-rex vs.

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