Bonavita kettle

Buy with confidence as the condition of this item . We think you will love it, sincerely Prima Coffee.

Sometimes less is more, which is why we designed the Bonavita 1. This kettle is used by world and US champion baristas because of its precise temperature control and controlled pouring feature. Our European designed and engineered coffee brewers are made with . Affordable and functional electric pour over kettle.

Precise, Adjustable Temperature. The ultimate in electric kettles! Meet the ultimate electric kettle for pour-over coffee aficionados. The brushed stainless-steel kettle quickly heats water to your desired temperature—then . Users can select from six present temperatures or can set . Brushed Stainless Steel Gooseneck Spout for Better Pour Control 3Swivel, Lifts . Achieve the perfect temperature for your beverages time and time again with the Bonavita 1. With an inbuilt thermostat that not only gets the water to your desired temperature, but also holds it at that temperature for up to an hour!

This kettles unique gooseneck spout provides terrific water control for manual coffee and tea brewing.

BonaVita in the UK and Europe — Variable temperature kettles, scales, stands other specialty coffee equipment. It serves that same purpose as essentially all other water kettles, but the . This simple, elegant electric kettle is ideal for preparing pour-over coffee or the perfect cup of tea. The Bonavita electric kettle with goose neck spout provides ideal water flow control for pourover coffee brewing.

Simple, lift-off access makes it easy to carry from . Check out our bonavita electric kettle review. No need to hover over the stovetop waiting for the kettle to hit the boil. L kettle is perfect for making pour-over coffee.

The gooseneck spout gives you optimum pour control. The kettle is brushed stainless steel, dishwash. Finally an affordable kettle for manual pourover brewing!

Beautifully designed and ruggedly built, the Bonavita goose-neck kettle pairs nicely with one cup . This brushed stainless steel kettle is perfect for tea enthusiasts who want to prepare tea with precision. Its comfortable handle and gooseneck shaped spout . The beautifully brushed stainless steel kettle offers a. We are very excited to offer the first electric pouring kettle available in the United States!